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Al's Place - A Croatian hostel set in the picturesque city of Split
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If you get really stuck, phone us on arrival and we can come and walk you to the hostel
Getting to Hostel Split

Here you can find directions to Hostel Split from the Local Bus or Train Station, Airport Bus and Taxi, Regional Destinations and International Destinations


From Split BUS or TRAIN station or FERRY terminal walk towards town. Airport bus arrives at point 2 on map.

You will come to a "CORNER" of the Palace Walls, stop walikng along the waterfront and turn right ( DO NOT WALK ALONG THE PEDESTRIANISED WATERFRONT). Walk up alongside the wall. with the sea now behind you.
Walk approx 100 Metres and you will see an entrance/gateway on your left. DO NOT enter but keep walking north. Another 100 Metres and you will come to the end of the wall. Turn left and now you will walk the same distance along the 'back' side wall of the Palace.
On your left a big statue of what appears to be a wizard, (Grgur Ninski) carry on walking, past a tower on your right. Another 30 M and you walk down four steps. (DO NOT CONTINUE STRAIGHT ONTO TOMISLVA)
After these steps you are at the rear entrance of the Old town go through here and IMMEDIATELY on your right (maybe 1 metre) is KRUZICEVA ULICA. Walk along here, we are on the right at NUMBER 10 is ALS PLACE HOSTEL

Be aware Split is ALWAYS much smaller than people expect.
The 'streets' are in fact narrow little alleyways with NO traffic (think Roman).

Locals DO NOT use street names and seldom know where anything is in Split
On GOOGLE MAPS our street is given as "PETRA KRUSICEVA" (Number 10)

NO SIGNS are allowed on the outside of buildings do not wander around hoping to find a sign for us, think UNESCO protected site.

Beware of impostors there is only one ALS PLACE HOSTEL.



00385 953720503



There are direct buses from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Sarajevo, Rijeka and a variety of smaller coastal towns. If you are coming from Zagreb there are "express buses" that take 5 and 1/2 hours and use the motorway for most of the journey. This route traverses some dramatic scenery wild mountain terrain and vast untamed countryside. However it DOES NOT go via Plitvice National Park.

The fast bus via Knin takes 6 and 1/2 less dramatic but does allow you to
stop at Plitvice N.P.

The other option is only for those travellers who haven't spent enough of
their time sitting down and goes via Zadar and then along the coast it
takes between 9 and 10 hours. ENJOY.

Buying a return ticket will save you around 30% on the price of two singles
but you must travel with the same bus company. This applies to all routes
throughout Croatia.

NOTE: The bus driver isn't trying to rip you off. You will be expected to
pay 5-7 Kunas for each piece of luggage transported, don't ask me why.

There are between two and five connections to Zagreb a day(depending if its Winter or Summer). A fast train service will run two or three times a day in Summer, journey takes 5 hours. You must specify you want to travel on the fast train, seats are limited.

My favorite website for reliable train info is a German site and look for the "International" button if you need it:

Ferries depart and arrive a number of times a day from the Central Dalmatian coast islands. Fast Catamaran for Hvar and Korcula cuts journey time in half. There are also ferries for and from Rijeka and Dubrovnik. The ferry to Dubrovnik calls first in Hvar town and then at Korcula and takes about 7-8 hours. It is very beautiful but can get a bit boring after a time The Rijeka journey is usually overnight.

Internationally there are ferries to Venice in Summer and Ancona year round.


There are now a number of options for flying direct to Split depending, of course, where you are coming from. Check out any of these.....




Image of Central Split Al's Place - A Croatian hostel set in the picturesque city of Split